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Home Page Items:

C__Emergency Phone Numbers
C __ New Owners Checklist
  __ Site Search
  __ Recreational Activities
C__Historical Stuff
C__Calendar of Events
C__ For Sale By Owner
C__ Locate Kona Kai (50 Miles Map)
C__ Contact Us with your comments
C__ Aerial Photos
C __ Kona Kai Property Plot Plan
C __ Kona Kai Owners Business/Personal Web Page Links
C __ Kona Kai Board of Directors
C__ Owner's Photo Albums
   __ Our Community
C__Newsletter Archives
C__Link to Bin Laden Game

Area General Interest Links

C_Concrete Ship
C_Chamber of Commerce
C_Galveston County
C_Galveston County Tax Dept
C_Ferry Operations
C _ Ads (For Sale / Want to buy)
C _ Our Weather Links

Emergency #'s Page

C_ Fire ( Port Bolivar) Boyt Road Houses
C_ Fire (Crystal Beach) Bay Street Houses
C _ EMS Emergency Medical Services
C _ Sheriff's Office (Emergency)
C _ Sheriff's office (Non-Emergency)
C _ Medical Clinic (on Peninsula)
C _ Hospital (UTMB-Galveston)
C _ Hospital (Winnie)
C _ Poison Control Center
C _ Galveston Police Department (Does NOT serve Peninsula)
C _ Private Ambulance Service
C _ Helicopter Service
C _ Texas Department of Public Safety/Highway Patrol
C _ U.S. Coast Guard
C _ Corps of Engineers
C _ Texas Parks & Wild Life - Game Warden
C _ Animal Control Officer
C _ Justice of the Peace
C _ Constable's Office
C _ County Road Department
C _ Emergency Veterinary Services
C _ Utility Outages Hotline
C _ Automobile Repair/Towing
C _ Boat Repair/Towing
C _ Locksmith
C _ Ferry


New Owners Checklist

__ Kona Kai Homeowner's Association - Transfer Form
C _ Links to Taxing Authorities over Kona Kai
C_  Link to Galveston County Homepage
C _ Links to Voter Registration information
****Galveston County Appraisal District
__ Links to Utilities available in Kona Kai
C_ Link to Entergy (Electricity)
****Hills (Propane)
****Bolivar Peninsula SUD (Water)
****SBC (Telephone)
X _ Links to local Insurance Carriers
****Karin Gabourel
****State Farm

__ Links to Change of Address forms and about Mail Service
__ Links to Contract Services like Cable, Lawn, Newspaper, Satellite and Septic
C__ Form for providing your Emergency Contact Information
__ Links to area businesses, Chamber of Commerce, Bank, Churches, Day Care, Realtors
__ Links to Government Services, County annex, Justice of the Peace, Constables Office, Sheriff's Office
__ Links to Schools and Day Care
__ Links to AARP and Library
__ Information on area boat ramps, dry and wet boat storage
__ Other Neighborhoods on Peninsula, distance from Kona Kai
C__ Houses or lots "For Sale by Owner"
C__ Houses or lots "For sale by Broker"

Owners Only
____ Kona Kai Username and Password validation/registration form
____ Kona Kai About Us
____ Kona Kai Annual Business Meeting & Social
DT _ Kona Kai Before & After (Improvements in Community)
____ Kona Kai Board Meetings (Schedule & Minutes)
C___ Kona Kai By Laws
C___ Kona Kai Contact Us
____ Kona Kai Contractors list & Experience sharing
C ___ Kona Kai Deed Restrictions
C ___ Kona Kai Election of Officers
C___Kona Kai E-Mail
C ___ Kona Kai Emergency Contact Information
C____ Kona Kai Fishing Tournament
D __ Kona Kai Full Time Residents
____ Kona Kai History
____ Kona Kai Hobbies & Areas of Interest Registration
D __ Kona Kai Hurricane Checklist & additional Links & info.
D ___ Kona Kai Members in NOT in "Good Standing."
C__ Kona Kai Newsletter & Newsletter archives
D __ Kona Kai Owners with Boat Houses
D__ Kona Kai Owner's Directory
____ Kona Kai Past, Current & Proposed

DT__ Kona Kai Information Update & Volunteer Form
____ Kona Kai Web Cam
____ Kona Kai Form, Ad (For Sale)
____ Kona Kai Form, Ad (Want to Buy)
____ Kona Kai Form, Ballot & Vote
____ Kona Kai Form, Newsletter submission
____ Kona Kai Form, Poll
____ Kona Kai Form, Update Owner Information Database
____ Kona Kai Form, Volunteer to help
____ Kona Kai Form, Web Comments & Suggestions
____ Kona Kai Object - Hit Counter
____ Kona Kai Object - Guest Register


Our Community

C__ Locate Kona Kai
C__ Directions to Kona Kai
C__ Aerial photos of Kona Kai
C__ Plot plan of Kona Kai, showing lot #'s
__ Amenities of Kona Kai
__ Activities of Kona Kai
__ History of Kona Kai

Area General Interest Links

C_ Bolivar Ferry
__ Bolivar Lighthouse
__ Bird Watching
C _ Chamber of Commerce
C _ Concrete Ship (Selma)
__ Crystal Beach
C _ Fishing Regulations
__ Simon Bolivar, our namesake
__ Rollover Pass

Classified Advertisements

__ Automobiles
__ Boats, Trailers & Pleasure craft
__ Houses & Lots
__ Miscellaneous
__ Items Wanted

Recreational Activities

__ Beach - boating, jet ski, fishing, swimming, surfing, walking and camping.
__ Galveston East Bay - boating, fishing, sailing
__ Info on beach outfitters & rentals
__ Links for Golf
__ Links for Horseback Riding
__ Links for Hunting
__ Links for Boating
__ Links for Bird Watching
C _ Links for Fishing
__ Links for Moody Gardens
__ Links for Parks, Ft. Travis & Noble
__ Links for Restaurants, some over water
__ Links for Movie Theatre
__ Info on Water Parks
__ Info on Night Clubs
__ Info on Fraternal Clubs
__ Info on AARP, local chapter & Library
__ Annual Events, Crab Festival & Mardi Gras Parade

Weather Links


Contact Us

C__ By E-Mail