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Reader Input Requested:

 This site is continuing to be developed.  It is being prepared by a complete novice. To hire a professional to carefully prepare and plan a web site would have just been too expensive.  So, I am doing it on a shoestring and passing it along to Kona Kai homeowners at cost.  I am using Dreamweaver development software for the first time, and there is a learning curve.  I appreciate your patience and support.

I would appreciate your comments, and most of all I would welcome your offer of content.  Perhaps some sites that are your favorites that might be appropriate and relevant.  Your suggestions of what types of things to add. Please visit the web development plan to see what is already on the plate to be developed.  Whatever you offer will be read and considered. 


  Bill Settegast


E-Mail me your comments to me at:          Settegast@AOL.COM      or       KonaKaiHOA@AOL.COM