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If we already have your current correct E-Mail address, then an E-Mail standard account has probably already been setup for you. 

E-Mail addresses are in the form:  Username@ServiceProvider

The Username portion we have listed in our files as your current e-mail address was used to setup your account. 

For example:

      If your current e-mail address is MyName@SBC.NET,

     your address in the new Kona Kai e-mail system would be MyName@KONAKAI.ORG

     You are allowed 10 MB of storage space for your e-mails.  There is also a limitation of (250) e-mails per day.

As an alternative to a standard account, we can forward your mail.

     You can publish your e-mail address as MyName@KONAKAI.ORG

     and we can discretely (without anyone knowing) redirect it to MyName@whoever-your-service-provider-is.

     The advantage is, should you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) we can easily redirect your mail to your new ISP.  You don't have to notify anyone of the change.  Note that in this option, you don't really have a mailbox at KonaKai.ORG.  You're just using KonaKai's web hosting service to redirect your mail to your service provider in the background. 

This E-Mail service is provided through GoDaddy.COM. Here is a link that goes directly to the Login Screen,   Click Here  

Once at the login screen, in the field "Login Using" type MyName@KONAKAI.ORG  The next field is "Password".  Note! You will have already been sent you your password.

There is a checkbox below the password field.  If you are connecting to the internet through a dial up modem line, check the box for a faster communication.

After you logon, change the temporary password to one of your own.  Use it and let me know how it goes.   How did it work