Congratulations on purchasing your Kona Kai property!

    The Kona Kai Homeowner's Association welcomes you.  This page is provided to assist you in getting set up.

        Treasurer Esther Sarbia - Cell (713) 725-2457

Unless you've filed for a homestead exemption on another home elsewhere in the state, you'll want to file one with Galveston County.  You may file only one in the state, and only for one house. To download a form, click here! On your homestead, it is important that you contest the valuation each and every year.  Your failure to do so allows the taxing authority to raise the valuation on your homestead the capped amount for each year back until your last recorded contest.

Insurance, there's a number of basic types.  Casualty that covers fire and other perils on the structure.  Then there is: Homeowner's insurance, flood, auto, boat and golf cart insurance.  And don't forget about an umbrella policy.  Remember  to act fast on the flood coverage.  There is a waiting period if there is a named storm in the gulf.  At the current time, we are not making recommendations for insurance carriers.

If you plan to be a "permanent" resident, there are a number of other things to do:
-The post office has a free packet for you to change most items.
-Change your voter registration to this area.
For info, click here!
-Change your driver's license, this is required within 30 days. For more info, click here!
-People that provide warranty services to you, like your car.
-Change address on your checks and notify your bank.
-If you have a lockbox or safety deposit box notify them. 
-Notify your: Vet, Doctors, Dentist, Eye Doctor and all other medical practitioners.
-Stock broker, attorney, CPA, and anyone that sends you information you need for your income tax.
-Familiarize yourself with the available medical services in the area.  If you have special needs, you might want to communicate them to the appropriate EMS department personnel.